"Business Briefs" on MileHiRadio

June 3, 2011


The Engaged Manager” is an easy-to-read guide that was written to help managers at all levels of an organization understand how to be successful.


Coach Dave is pleased to announce that "The Engaged Manager" was featured on the June 3, 2011 edition of "Business Briefs" on MileHiRadio in Denver.


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"The Global Voice" on BlogTalk Radio

July 6, 2011


Susan Piontek, host of "The Global Voice", interviewed Coach David R Meyer, nationally known author, speaker, and mentor coach, and Laurie Valaer, professional coach, writer, and trainer, on the July 6, 2011 episode of the show. Their dynamic and empowering approach to creating and ensuring successful management is wonderfully explained in their new highly acclaimed book,”THE ENGAGED MANAGER”. David engages the reader in explaining his thesis through humorous and thoughtful stories and examples. Succinctly written and highly informative you will learn the tools it takes to become a successful manager.


Listen to their synopsis of "The Engaged Manager" here:



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"Dresser After Dark - The Place for Authors & Experts to Spread Their Word..."

August 11, 2011


Coach Dave is excited to "spread the word" that he was the featured guest on the August 11, 2011 edition of "Dresser After Dark", discussing his Amazon best selling book: "The Engaged Manager".


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The Engaged Manager

Coach Dave Meyer is the author of the Amazon best selling book: "The Engaged Manager".


Visit The Engaged Manager to learn more or purchase your copy of this Amazon "Best Seller" today!


"The Engaged Manager" has been featured on MileHiRadio, "The Global Voice", and Dresser After Dark. Listen to these engaging and informative programs.